First Friday Favorites {July 2016}

June found a way of sucking all my spare time away from me. Between a couple of weekend trips and some TV shows that came back on the air; I have some valid excuses of where my time has gone. That being said, in my “time away”, I did find some awesome things to share with you guys.


1 // Leuchttrum 1917 Notebooks // Now, I’m a huge Erin Condren fan and everyone who knows me knows this about me. I also am now learning a little bit about bullet journaling and experimenting with it. I’m loving the creations I’m coming up with and I’m putting them all in the Leuchttrum. If you want to give bullet journaling a try, I highly suggest picking up one of these bad boys.

2 // St. Tropez Foaming Tanner // I used to be as pale as a ghost. I am one of those lucky people who goes outside, burns, and then it doesn’t turn into a tan. Well I finally found a self tanning solution that doesn’t leave me orange, streaky, or horrible smelly. It still does have a smell but it’s not nearly as bad as some of the others I’ve tried. Oh, and make sure you use the mitt that you can buy with it. It’s important.

3 // Tombow Brush Pens // These are my favorite brush pens I’ve tried so far for all the lettering I’ve been doing in my bullet journaling adventures. I don’t even come close to saying that I’m good at “lettering” but these pens make my life a little easier when it comes to learning.

4 // Crayola Giant Chalk // A friend got my daughter these for her second birthday and they’re by far my favorite chalk for toddlers. They’re HUGE so they don’t slip out of their hands and they don’t just shatter into a million small pieces when they drop them.

5 // Disneys Tsum Tsum // I’m sure this stupid game has been around for a long time but it’s new to me and it’s been sucking up way too much of my time. If you like matching games and cute little characters, then don’t download it. Trust me.

6 // Orange is The New Black // This is the real reason I haven’t had any free time. Thanks Netflix.

Cool Scrubs, Literally. Introducing: Maevn Uniforms + Giveaway

I’m pretty sure that all of my readers are aware of that fact that i’m a Veterinary Technician. That means that I’m wearing scrubs several days out of the week. I’m a slight “scrub snob” which means that I can’t stand wearing ones that are oversized, uncomfortable, and of course unflattering. I’ve worn several different brands over the years but I’m excited to be adding Maevn to my scrub wardrobe!


The newest line from Maevn is called EON. The products that I’m featuring in this post are all from this line and are quite amazing. So, I live in Georgia where in the summer, the heat is unbearable. I work in air conditioning but when I have to take a pet outside or I’m running around like crazy during an emergency shift, the last thing I want is my thick cotton scrubs sticking to me and making me even warmer than I already was. That’s the first thing I noticed about my Maevn EON scrubs. The fabric is extremely breathable and I felt cool even when I knew I wasn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.40.44 PM

The EON line is also extremely flexible. I’m able to get down on the floor and move patients into position without any issues of the fabric becoming too tight. That’s a huge problem for me with other brands.


In this picture I’m wearing the full elastic cargo pants and the sporty mesh panel jacket. Yes, I wear a jacket to work on the 100 degree days. We have to cover our tattoos and a jacket is the only way around that for me. Luckily, the material is super breathable and it doesn’t bother me at all, even in the heat.

To find a store near you that carries the Maevn brand, check out the store locator here!

Now, Maevn has agreed to give away one top and one pair of pants from the EON line in any color of the winners choice! You can view the items available here.  The giveaway is only open to US residents, sorry! To enter, just follow the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck! All entries will be verified. Mom Tails is not responsible for shipment of the prize. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the email or a new winner will be chosen. 

RIP Harambe & Human Compassion

I’m sure you’ve heard about the boy at the Cincinnati zoo who climbed over some protective barriers and fell into the gorilla exhibit. If you haven’t, then you’re living under a rock and I’m slightly jealous of you. Since this is my own space on the internet, I’m going to use it to voice my opinion on the situation.

People are just assholes and have lost so much compassion for other humans.


This is the meme that is circulating around that creates a fury inside of me. People are so quick to judge in this situation. 99% of what I’m seeing are comments about the mother, insulting her for not watching her child. Those commenters must have never had a toddler that is on a mission. Kids are quick. Kids sneak away. The second you turn your back to do anything, they can be gone just like that. I’m not sure what the mother was doing in this situation, but I’m sure it wasn’t ignoring her child hoping that he would climb into the gorillas habitat.

The most dangerous thing you can do if you have children is to think “this would never happen to me” or “I’m always watching my kids so it’s impossible for them to do something like this.” Reality check, the mother that this happened too probably thought the same thing. We need to take the situation as a major reality check and be even more cautious. The zoo is a place filled with wild animals. They have safety barriers in place but as you can see, they’re not always going to work.

I love animals. I work with animals for a living. I actually always wanted to work with wild animals when I was younger. I understand how messed up it might seem to have to shoot a gorilla that is “protecting” the child that fell into his habitat. The reality of it is, wild animals are unpredictable. Another minute longer and the gorilla could have easily ended the life of this human. If the zoo keepers had decided to use a tranquilizer on a 400 pound creature, it would have taken 10-15 minutes to take full effect. That’s 10-15 minutes too long in this circumstance. Unfortunately, I felt that they did the right thing to save this little boy.

I like animals more than I like most humans. I just understand that the value of human life is more important in this situation. The entire situation is beyond sad. A gorilla is dead and human compassion is seeming to be long gone.

Make Your Morning [ & Day ] Go Smoother

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that he thinks that self help books are just there to help people create problems in their minds that they don’t really need to fix thus selling more books. To a point, I can agree with him. I don’t think that what someone reads in any book is going to complete change their lives unless they adapt what they’re reading to themselves. You’re not going to read a book on how to fix your marriage and have every single thing apply to you, right? Well, recently I read a book called “The Miracle Mornings” by Hal Elrod and chose to take some of his tips and methods  and apply them towards my life.


I’ve never been a huge morning person. I almost always use to wake up with a bad attitude because I was still tired and wasn’t ready to start my day. Well, when you have two small kids, there is no choice in the matter anymore. You have to get up when your kids get up. So, that’s what I was doing for the longest time. I was waking up when the kids woke up and then starting my day.

I wasn’t getting any peace in the morning. From the moment I opened my eyes someone needed something and it was complete chaos. The kids were hungry. The dogs needed to be fed. Doing all that in a state of being half awake just plain sucked. So, I changed what I was doing.

So my first step is that I wake up earlier than everyone. It sounds counter productive to someone who doesn’t enjoy mornings but waking up and having my own time and my own little routine really helps me to wake up and be alert when the chaos of children starts to happen. Getting out of bed is really the hardest part but once I’ve done that I begin my little routine.

  1. Drink a big glass of water. No matter how much water you had the day before, you’re always going to wake up slightly dehydrated. I drink a big glass of water as I get my coffee / tea ready.
  2. Read for purpose. Wether it be a book that’s inspiring me at the moment or a news article, I read something that isn’t Facebook. I try to start out the day using my brain and think about things.
  3. Take a moment and sit in silence. Enjoy the quiet around you. Meditate. Whatever it is that helps you find some mental balance.
  4. Light exercise. This isn’t the time for me personally to go hardcore and run 15 miles [not that I have ever run 15 miles] I like to spend a few minutes stretching and prepping my body for general movements of the day.
  5. Planning. If you know anything about me, I like to plan. I write down what my “goals” aka shit I need to do that day are. I make a very loose plan for that day to help keep me on track.
  6. Journaling / Creative Work.  I’m obviously really into writing or I wouldn’t blog so i’ll sit down for a just a few minutes and write down some idea. I might journal about something that happened to me. I might doodle. I might color for a few minutes. This is kind of the spot where you have to find your own little creative niche. Just find something that inspires you and do that.

After all is said and done, it takes me about 45 minutes – 1 hour. So I find myself getting up at about 7:30 in the morning. Not too bad [yes, I have late sleepers] Once the kids are awake I already feel quite accomplished for the day. I don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about things that I need to get done or wishing I had time to do something that I already did that morning. My brain and body feel energized and I’m ready to tackle the day.

Identity Theft Makes For Poor Friendships

I had the absolute weirdest encounter the other day on the phone. A number that I didn’t recognize from “McAllen, Texas” was calling and for some reason I decided to answer. Sometimes I’ll pick up the telemarketer calls just for shits and giggles. Well, this one was a pre-recorded message telling me that they were going to lower the interest on my credit card and all I had to do was to press “1” to be transferred to an operator and they would be on the way to lowering my rates. I immediately knew that it was a scam but decided I wanted to mess with whoever was on the other line; so I pressed 1.

After about 10 seconds of some really upbeat hold music a guy with a very thick accent answered the phone.

Man: Hey there! Are you calling to have your credit card interest rate lowered?

Me: What card company do you work for?

Man: Visa.

Me: I don’t have a Visa card.

Man: I mean, Mastercard.

Me: Oh, I have one of those. How do I get my rates lowered?

Man: It’s very easy. All I need is your name and credit card number to get started.

Me: Do people fall for that?

Man: All of the time. I call about 1000 people a day and get at least 10 credit card numbers. It’s how I buy my girlfriend shoes.

The rest of the conversation continued with me telling him off for stealing. He tried to explain to me that it isn’t stealing but rather his job to call people in our country and get the things he needs from us. I’m not kidding, that was his logic. I asked him several times why he thinks it’s okay for some people to go to work to be able to purchase their girlfriend shoes but he can just use my credit card number to buy them. He was 100% convinced that what he was doing was fine.

After I laid into him a bit, he asked me how old I was. He told me that he is a young man who would love to be my friend. He than gave me his email address so I could look him up on Facebook and add him.


Of course I looked him up on Facebook & of course I didn’t add him as a friend.

I know there is pretty much nothing that can be done to catch this ass wipe but since I have some personal information on him, I am going to be making a police report. There are bigger fish to fry but I would like to see karma get this guy one way or another.

My Daughter is a Squirrel

Squirrels are really high up there on my list of favorite animals. I love watching them scurry around the yard and hide things in the nests in the trees. They make really cute little squeaky noises, have adorable bushy tails, and by far the most adorable little noses.

I loved them a lot more before my daughter turned into one.


My Reasons Aria is basically a squirrel are as follows…

  • The girl makes nests out of everything. It’s pretty cute when she cuddles up in things that she’s supposed to, like blankets. It’s not so cute when you leave her alone for two minutes and she empties out your drawers and burrows in your clean clothes.
  • Some squirrels really like “dens” at the base of trees. Aria also likes creating a den in just about everything she can squeeze into. Her favorite places include behind the couch, behind my stand up mirror in my room, under the kitchen table, and behind the art easel in the living room. Again, pretty cute routine toddler behavior except she screams bloody murder almost every time because she is either stuck or whacks her head on something.
  • Squirrels tend to bury things so other predators don’t find what it is that they’re hiding. Well, apparently in this house my husband and I are huge predators. This girl can hide things so well that we literally tear the house apart and can’t find what it is that we’re looking for. This has happened to so many things including approximately 8,000 pacifiers and most recently, the baby monitor.  I’ve looked everyday for going on 3 weeks now and there is no sign of the damn thing.

Squirrels are cute until they ruin your clothes, hide all your things, and eat all the snacks in the house [okay, that last one is just every kid]

Monday Mom Confession #8: Police

As all parents know, you do what works for you. I have a pretty hard headed toddler that doesn’t like listening to me. When my husband is home, the kid is on his toes. He will still act up because he’s a 3 1/2 year old boy and he can’t control himself; but as soon as my husband tells him to stop, he pretty much alway does. When I’m home by myself with the kids, it’s a completely different story.

I used to threaten him with “I’m going to call dad if you don’t start listening” but when that stopped working, I had to come up with another plan.


We have talked about police officers before in this house. I’ve told him that if he ever needs help and he can’t find mommy or daddy, it’s okay to talk to a police officer. I have explained to him that they aren’t bad guys [hold your thoughts on that statement] and they only take away the bad people [again, he’s 3, i’m not about to explain police brutality to him] So, I noticed him taking an interest in pretending to be a cop. He’ll say “MOM, I’m taking you to jail!” when we’re playing and things on that nature.

That is when my mom lightbulb went off. I can use that against him. So, recently I’ve been telling him that if he doesn’t listen to his mom that the police can take you to jail for that. It has shaped him right up. He looks terrified of the thought of going to jail that he immediately stops doing whatever it was that he was doing or does exactly what I was asking of him.

It’s probably an awful thing to be teaching him but desperate times call for desperate measures. I don’t want to instill a fear of law enforcement in him but in reality you can go to jail for not listening to the law. In this case, the law is mommy.

First Friday Favorites {May 2016}

I completely forgot to do a post for April. Okay, I’m lying. I didn’t forget. I was just too busy in my own little world and frankly way too lazy to sit down and actually do one. It happens.


1 // Kenneth Cole Reaction Floral Print Dome Satchel // I’ve been looking for a cute purse that was a little on the bigger side for a while now. I almost splurged on a Kate Spade I’ve been eyeing for a while but decided to check out Ross first. I found this and fell in love with it. I paid $30 for it. Win.

2// Smashbox Primer Oil // I highly suggest this to anyone who has semi-oily skin and wants an amazing moisturized look under their makeup. I’ve been using this for several months now after getting it in an Ipsy bag and just purchased the full size bottle. I’m in love with it. My skin has never felt better. It’s a little pricey at $42 a bottle but I swear it’s going to last me at least a year.

3// Babyganics Shampoo & Body Wash // Bathtime around here can be quite the circus so I love being able to use a shampoo and body wash in one. I’ve finally found one that smells amazing and works in Aria’s long hair.

4// Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children // This book is supposed to be for young adults but that doesn’t ever stop me. Seriously, read it. It’s amazing.

5// Erin Condren Notebooks // So, I’m sure you’ve heard about me talk about all my Erin Condren supplies like a million times. They’ve been featured more than once in my favorite posts. Well, most of my extra spending money went to them yet again this past month because they released a bunch of amazing new notebooks. There are tons of gorgeous floral prints that I can’t get enough of.

… because it’ll make my husband happy


Star Wars just simply isn’t my thing. I have never seen an entire movie *GASP!* & to be frankly honest, I’ll probably never really enjoy them.  My husband on the other hand, loves the damn things. I know while I’m at work on this “holiday”, he’ll be at home with our kids watching Star Wars all day long.

Enjoy guys! Now, while I won’t be celebrating, I wish everyone that will be  a very happy May the Forth Be With You! Sometimes a little post like this is worth it to make my husband smile.

See, I’m such a good wife. [insert question here asking if I can buy something really expensive]

See Kai Run [kids shoes] + giveaway

Shoes are incredibly important to me. I’m a self proclaimed shoe-a-holic and it’s reaching the point where my kids have to always be in a nice pair of shoes as well. With myself, it’s mainly about style, but with my children, it’s about style and comfort. Kids need comfortable or else you’re going to have a whole new set of problems on your hands; no one wants a whiney toddler complaining that their feet hurt.


This is why I’m teaming up with See Kai Run to introduce to you guys some adorable yet comfortable shoes that we’re just loving in this house! & stay tuned to later in this post for a chance to snag a pair of any style that you see on the site!


First off for the little lady. I saw these and 100% fell in love with them. They are called the Avianna and come in toddler sizes 4-9. I’ve been loving gold lately and the little bow embellishment is just too cute to pass up. Plus, gold goes with everything as does this style. Aria wears these sandals everywhere to places like the pool and even the zoo [lots of walking] and we can dress them up with a cute little summer dress.

SeeKaiRunI had a tougher time finding Everett a pair of shoes that work for him. I’m not kidding when I say that he has the widest feet I’ve ever seen on a toddler.  The first pair that I ordered from them wasn’t even going to buckle around the top part of his foot. After speaking with the customer service department, they recommended the Mackinac sandal for him. Sure enough, it fits and he loves them. They don’t slip off when he’s running and my favorite part, they are machine washable!


Seriously, I’m biased, but these kids are just too cute in their See Kai Run sandals. I took these right before we walked to the pool. We have a little wooded trail walk when we want to go swimming and I wanted to test these out walking up a hill and on uneven terrain. No slips and no complaints!


Now, want to score a pair of your own shoes from See Kai Run? Just enter in the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mom Tails is not responsible for shipment of the prize. The winner will be notified after the giveaway has ended and has 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. All entries are subject to verification, no one likes a cheater. 

Note: I was not paid for this review. I received the shoes in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.